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Bonus Ep.5-Changing How You Think About Aging

“What matters is that you have a practice, and you have a way every day to move yourself.”

Award-winning photographer David Stewart ditches the camera, picks up a megaphone, and starts a movement to change the way people think about growing older.

“I just tell them, like, you need to pick your lane, because not everybody is the same here, and they have very different outlooks on their future, and you need to understand that before you start trying to talk to people.”

David Stewart is the founder of AGEIST, an agency that specializes in marketing to older adults. He is also a world-renowned photographer and has been featured in Vogue, New York Times Magazine, and other publications.

This is David Stewart’s story…

David Stewart was a world-renowned photographer who began to notice a disconnect between the way older adults were being represented in the media and the way they actually looked and felt. He decided to start his own agency, AGEIST, to change the way businesses thought about and marketed to older adults. Now, businesses come to AGEIST for help understanding how to correctly communicate with and develop products for the 50+ population. Stewart and his team have identified a small group of 18% of this population who they feel are the most open to new ideas and who they focus their messaging on. Despite the fact that this group is not representative of the entire 50+ population, Stewart believes that by changing the way this group thinks about aging, the rest of the population will follow.

In this episode, you will learn:
1. David Stewart’s experience as a world-traveling photographer and how it led him to notice a disconnect between how older adults are represented in the media and advertising, and how they are actually living their lives.
2. The challenge businesses face in understanding and marketing to a highly fragmented population of older adults with diverse backgrounds, interests, and needs.
3. The importance of expanding people’s imagination of what is possible as they age, and how this can lead to positive changes in attitudes and perceptions about aging.

What’s Next?

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