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This podcast exists because of cocktail parties. I live in a small town, and work in a retirement community.

In recent years, I’ve started to increasingly get pulled aside by friends with questions;

“I think my Mom may need assisted living — what is that exactly, and how do I find a good place?”

“My Dad is starting to forget a lot these days — is that normal or should I be worried?”

“My Aunt Mae, who is 82, plays brain games — do those really work?”  

I would scribble their questions, then find a smart colleague, and get the answer.

But I knew for every one friend asking a question (I don’t have that many friends) there were probably dozens who had the same question. So this podcast was born to help all those with these questions.

Cathleen Toomey


Cathleen oversees the brand positioning, advertising, marketing initiatives and sales for all RiverWoods Group communities. She also lends her decades of experience towards the evaluation and development of future projects. Most recently, Cathleen spearheaded the team that launched RiverWoods Durham in 2018, selling out the Independent Living homes in just 29 days.

Cathleen has more than 30 years in marketing, advertising and public relations building brands for consumer products such as Timberland and Stonyfield Farm; as well as non-profit higher educational institutions such as Babson College, Bentley University and University of New Hampshire. Cathleen began her career in ad agency work in New York City, and later in ad agencies in Boston. She has directed the sales and marketing efforts of RiverWoods for more than fourteen years. An experienced presenter, she has recently done a TEDx talk on aging. She is a board Member of Womenade of Greater Squamscott, and is a volunteer at the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. Past board memberships include Exeter Chamber of Commerce, Prescott Park Arts Festival and Cross Roads House. Cathleen is a graduate of Fordham University with a master’s degree in communications and Fairfield University with a bachelor’s degree in Literature.

See Cathleen Toomey's TEDx Talk: The Secret to Successful Aging

Our Sponsor

Seniority Authority is a labor of love, growing out of more than a decade of educating older adults and their children about the different aspect of aging. Our sponsor is The RiverWoods Group, the largest non-profit family of Continuing Care Retirement Communities in northern New England. Home to RiverWoods Exeter, RiverWoods Manchester, and RiverWoods Durham in New Hampshire, RiverWoods is where active, independent adults find community, purpose and peace of mind.

We began over 26 years ago, as a dream of two smart women, Marianna Hatch and Rosemary Coffin, who thought there had to be a better way to grow older, and still have your community of friends, and health care support nearby. Since our opening in 1994, thousands of lives have changed as more adults have discovered the meaning of true independence.

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