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Ep.48-How To Embrace Change

“Remember: that you are the captain, you will never stop being the captain.”


Show Notes

Dr. Michelle Rozen knows a thing or two about change—but she’s also figured out a way to not only embrace it, but use it to help her thrive. Have things felt a bit stagnant in your life? Many seniors feel that way too. But sometimes, it can be due to our own decision making.

In this episode of Seniority Authority, Cathleen interviews Dr. Michelle Rozen, a change consultant and PhD in Psychology from NSU who has written a book called Two Second Decisions. Dr. Rozen explains that craving change in life can lead to amazing things and that fear of change is largely physiological. We’ll talk about how she suggests making specific and granular changes and repeating them for 30-45 days to create a neural pathway in the brain—and what that can do to our decisions.

Dr. Rozen also encourages people to find their special purpose and passion in life and how to use the “two second decisions” technique to make quick, winning choices!

What’s Next?

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Find out more about Dr. Rozen or get her book on her website!



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