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Ep. 49-Solve Your Bill Paying Stress

“There is no shame in needing help, and there is no shame in growing older.”

Money is something all of us think about as we age. Jeff Wildstein knows how important it is to find someone you can trust to help you manage it.

Show Notes

Today we are joined by Rabbi Jeffery Wildstein, founder of Kavode Daily Money Management. Jeffrey discusses his experience as a former attorney and college administrator and why he chose to become a Daily Money Manager. We learn about the services a Daily Money Manager provides, which includes going through bills, mail sorting, tracking insurance claims, and more. We also hear about the process one must go through to become a licensed or bonded money manager, and the importance of having a money manager who is a member of the Alliance of Daily Money Managers. 

What’s Next?

What are your views, comments or questions on finances as you age?  Share them with us at!


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