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Bonus Ep. 4: What’s New About Growing Old – the Future of Aging

“We are carrying on the good work in communities all across the country, making sure older people have a good place and the opportunity to grow old well.”


What’s the future of aging? While each person’s experience of aging is vastly different, the kind of challenges that many of us face and the questions we have are very similar.

In today’s episode, Cathleen speaks to Katie Smith Sloan, the president and CEO of LeadingAge – a national association dedicated to being the trusted voice of aging. Katie provides a national perspective on what’s changed in the aging industry, and what we should look forward to for the future.

Show Notes:

Katie Smith Sloan is President and CEO of LeadingAge. Guided by the mission to be the trusted voice for aging, Sloan advances the organization’s strategic priorities to increase impact through advocacy, enhanced member value and generates ideas to improve our current system of services and supports. As LeadingAge’s President and CEO, Katie Smith Sloan seeks common ground with other stakeholders to address ageism and to promote innovation.

Sloan also serves as the executive director of the Global Ageing Network, an organization with a presence in over 50 countries committed to improving the quality of life for people as they age throughout the world.


What’s next?

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Cathleen Toomey

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