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Ep. 23: The 411 on Long Term Care Insurance

“The emotional challenge of a health care crisis is much easier to handle when the financial challenge has been addressed.”


As we age, there can be significant expenses associated with a prolonged illness that may require special care. This is where long-term care insurance comes in. For most consumers, the purchase of long-term care insurance policies requires serious consideration. The policies can be difficult to understand, a result of widely varying benefits and costs, as well as confusing jargon and phrases.

Join Cathleen as she meets with Patricia Bennett, a long-term care broker and President of Longevity Planning, to discuss what types of policies are available, what to look for in a good broker, and what the benefits are. Pat also highlights the major differences, advantages, and pitfalls of long-term care insurance.

Show Notes:

Pat Bennett is the President of Longevity Planning, in Portsmouth, NH. She is a Certified Long Term Care Councilor with over twenty-five years of experience in insurance planning. Pat works both with families looking to do long-term care planning as well as those who are looking for immediate help for a loved one who needs care.

As a family caregiver herself, Pat is very aware of the emotional and financial dynamics involved in long-term care planning. Her desire is to help families have access to the highest quality of care, freedom of choice, and peace of mind. By using a holistic approach, she involves the family as well as their legal, tax, and financial advisors in the planning process.


 What’s Next?

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Cathleen Toomey

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