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From the Vault: Ep.24 – Solo and Smart: Tips for Aging Alone

From the Vault: This episode is back by popular demand! Our listeners loved the tips and stories shared by this guest about aging well, so tune in and share with your friends.


“Be patient with yourself, find ways to give yourself the best self-care possible, and treat yourself exceptionally.”


As people age, the dynamics of a family invariably change. In the last decades of life, parents often cede decision-making to adult children who take over the reins of bill-paying, medical appointments, medication management, and living arrangements.

But what happens when a senior doesn’t have children? How do you plan your retirement differently? What new choices are there now that did not exist in the past, and how do you navigate and understand what your options are?

In this episode, Cathleen is joined by Carol Marak, who discusses why solo agers need to start preparing for aging as early as possible, and which important aspects are typically forgotten when planning for retirement. Carol also highlights some of the ways in which the Boomer generation is changing the world of aging.

Show Notes:

Carol Marak is a solo aging advisor and advocate. She is the founder of the Elder Orphan Facebook Group, which launched in 2016 and has almost 10,000 members. She also has a successful YouTube channel called Solo and Smart and a book titled SOLO AND SMART: The Roadmap for a Supportive and Secure Future.

Carol attributes her seven years of family caregiving as to how she learned to plan for the future. Between her and her two sisters, caring for their ailing parents took up almost all of their time. With no children to rely on as her parents did, and knowing the amount of care that they needed, she knew she had to plan for her future and figure out what to do.


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