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Bonus Ep. 6-Transforming Community: A new road map for inclusion

“Often small, inexpensive adjustments can make a world of difference to become welcoming to a wider range of potential customers.”

Despite his success, Todd Hansen’s life was changed drastically when he was diagnosed with primary lateral sclerosis, an extremely rare variant of ALS. Not wanting to be isolated, he decided to take action.

Show Notes

Let’s face it, living with a disability can be isolating, but one man is doing something about it. Todd Hansen, an award-winning architect and disability advocate, is working to create an accessible and equitable world for people of all abilities. 

Todd cares for the needs of people he designs for and has experienced first-hand the difficulty of being mobility challenged and being physically prevented from being part of the community. After being diagnosed with primary lateral sclerosis, Todd founded the nonprofit organization Access Navigators with the goal of providing an up-to-date online guide to accessibility for others. Access Navigators is crowdsourcing accessibility, helping businesses find new ways and small tweaks to make it easier for people to navigate and become more welcoming to a wider range of potential customers. Todd shares how he has worked towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world for people of all abilities—and encourages people to reach out to him if they want to bring Access Navigators to their town. 

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What’s Next?

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