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Ep.64 – A Supreme Fitness Strategy: RBG’s Personal Trainer Shares Tips

“It doesn’t matter where you are. Just show up and start something.”

Uncover the secrets behind Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s fitness routine with her personal trainer, Bryant Johnson. Learn about functional fitness and how to overcome your ‘prison anchors’ to age gracefully and healthily.

Show Notes

Join us in this live edition of Seniority Authority from the Leading Age Summit in Washington, D.C., where our host interviews Bryant Johnson, former paratrooper, Army reservist, and personal trainer to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Bryant shares his journey to becoming a certified personal trainer, his experiences working with Justice Ginsburg, and the impact their training sessions had on her health and his approach to fitness.

Together, they discuss the importance of functional fitness and the dynamic wisdom concept, which involves the interaction of the biological, psychological, and social dimensions (body, mind, and soul). Bryant shares anecdotes about training his mother and Justice Ginsburg and his motivation for writing his book, “The RBG Workout,” which focuses on functional exercises for people of any age.

Learn about “prison anchors” – excuses people use to avoid working out – and the importance of overcoming them. The host praises Justice Ginsburg for her humility and willingness to learn, even at the pinnacle of her career.

Bryant shares recommendations for listeners who want to start incorporating his methods into their daily lives and emphasizes the importance of movement and seeking professional guidance for exercising. In a lightning round of questions, Bryant reveals his guilty pleasures, favorite healthy practices, and favorite book, among other things.

Discover how you can incorporate Bryant Johnson’s functional fitness methods into your own life and embrace the power of exercise for aging well by tuning into this inspiring episode.


Episode Resources:

“The RBG Workout” by Bryant Johnson

What’s Next?

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