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Ep.63 – The Power of Savoring Life’s Moments

“The most immediate benefit of savoring is an increase in positive emotions.”

Discover the power of savoring positive experiences with Dr. Jennifer Smith, Director of Research at Mather Institute. Learn how savoring can lead to happier minds, healthier outcomes, and get practical tips to start your own savoring practice.

Show Notes

In this enlightening episode of Seniority Authority, we’re joined by Dr. Jennifer Smith, Director of Research at Mather Institute and an expert on positive aging. Dr. Smith shares her insights on the importance of savoring positive experiences for happier minds and healthier outcomes. She highlights her research on increasing positive emotions and offers practical advice for incorporating savoring practices into daily life.

Dr. Smith delves into her recent research, the Age Wealth Study, a five-year longitudinal study on life plan community residents. She discusses her excitement in analyzing changes in savoring and wellbeing over the five-year period, which also encompasses the pandemic.


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