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Ep.62 – Your Guide to Improving Brain Health

“Being physically, socially, and mentally active are three of those big pillars of brain health.”

Discover the secrets to lifelong brain health with Dr. Vonetta Dotson, a gerontologist and neuropsychologist. Dive into the science behind cognitive wellness, the importance of social connections, and the impact of exercise on the brain.

Show Notes

Optimizing your brain health is essential for living a fulfilling, vibrant life at any age. In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Vonetta Dotson, a gerontologist, neuropsychologist, and the director of Aging Well for Everyone at Georgia State University. Dr. Dotson sheds light on the lifelong journey of brain health and the simple, yet powerful habits we can adopt to maintain cognitive wellness.
Together, we debunk common myths surrounding brain health, discuss the significance of exercise and social connections, and explore the unique challenges faced by older Black adults. Dr. Dotson also introduces her innovative business, Cerebro Fit, a one-stop-shop for brain health services designed to make it easier for individuals to access the support they need.
Tune in for a fascinating conversation on the intricacies of brain health and take away actionable tips to enrich your cognitive wellbeing.

What’s Next?
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