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Ep.65 – How Stretching Can Help Strengthen – At Any Age

“Start to train yourself to listen to what your muscles say.”

Embrace the benefits of yoga and mindful movement as you age with expert Will Thomas. Learn how stretching and strengthening can alleviate aches, improve overall health, and enhance your quality of life in your golden years.

Show Notes

Aging gracefully and staying healthy is a priority for many of us. In this episode, we’re joined by certified yoga instructor Will Thomas, who shares his insights on the importance of stretching and strengthening as we age. Will, who began practicing yoga in grad school, explains how maintaining muscle mass and bone density is crucial for protecting our joints and preserving mobility.

We explore breathing and stretching exercises that help listeners connect with their bodies, emphasizing the significance of focusing on how everything feels and incorporating breath into the practice. Additionally, we discuss the challenges of deep breathing and how strengthening muscles can improve lung capacity and overall health.

Discover more about Will Thomas and his approach to yoga and aging by tuning into this enlightening episode.


What’s Next?

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