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Ep.66 – Living a Tapas Life

“Don’t do stuff that you think you should. Do stuff that you want to, and that will give you a more complete life at this stage of your life.”

Discover the concept of a ‘tapas life’ with author Andy Robin and learn how to create a fulfilling, dynamic post-retirement lifestyle by exploring new interests, passions, and opportunities.

Show Notes:

As we enter retirement, we’re faced with a new challenge: navigating the unstructured time and the need to find purpose and fulfillment. In this episode, we’re joined by 68-year-old author Andrew Robin, who shares his insights on living a “tapas life” after retirement, as introduced in his book, Tapas Life.

Andy offers advice on adding structure and cadence through routines, rediscovering passions, and exploring interests from earlier in life. We dive into the concepts of convergent and divergent thinkers and how they approach life after long careers. 

We explore the VIA (Values in Action) Happiness Survey, created by Martin Seligman, as a tool to identify personal strengths and interest. And finally, we explore reevaluating and reinventing relationships, letting go of old mental models, and embracing the freedom and spaciousness offered by a “tapas life”. 

Get Andy’s book, Tapas Life.

What’s Next?

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