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From the Vault: Ep.58 – The Keys to Living Longer & Dying Shorter

From the Vault: This episode is back by popular demand! Our listeners loved the tips and stories shared by this guest about aging well, so tune in and share with your friends.


“Life is a series of moments; you miss those moments you miss your life.”

Want to live a long, happy, and healthy life? Do you want to know what it takes to defy ageism and achieve a successful aging? What kind of activities can older adults do to stay socially connected and have a sense of purpose? Hear all this and more, from Dr. Roger Landry a Tufts-Harvard University’s Decorated Military Veteran and Preventive Medicine Physician who is the President of Masterpiece. 

Show Notes

Living a fulfilling, long, happy life is pretty much the number one thing on our wish list, particularly as we get older. But what are some things we can do to get there? 

Dr. Roger Landry, a Tufts-Harvard University Decorated Military Veteran and Preventive Medicine Physician who is the President of Masterpiece and author of Live Long Die Short. Dr. Landry discusses how society has traditionally marginalized older adults and is determined to help people reach peace, fulfillment and joy, no matter your age.

On this episode Dr. Landry explains the importance of resilience, including the work of the Healthy Aging Work Group. He also talks about the inventory he created from his book, which helps people take an objective look at their lifestyle and make small changes to live a long and healthy life. Dr. Landry shares 10 tips to help people reach a level of peace and fulfillment. He stresses the importance of movement, social connection, purpose, emotional intelligence, and being mindful and present in life. 

What’s Next?

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