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Bonus Ep. 2: Seth Rogen Wants to Change Your Brain

“If we can get people talking about brain health and prevention the same way we are talking about heart health, and it becomes mainstream, then we can really move the needle in terms of prevention.”

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Cathleen unpacks the life-changing work being conducted at Seth and Lauren Rogen’s National Non-Profit HFC.  They’ve helped amplify brain health information, helping students improve knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors for a healthy brain lifestyle. In addition, this impactful conversation with HFC Executive Director, Bonnie Wattles explores different ways to reduce the risk, delay the onset or possibly even prevent Alzheimer’s disease, focusing specifically on modifiable risk factors that we can change in order to protect ourselves. This is an episode of Seniority Authority you don’t want to miss.

Bonnie Wattles:

Executive Director at HFC. Bonnie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Hamilton College and an MBA in Marketing from Columbia Business School.

Bonnie has extensive experience building organizations from the ground up, including chairing successful multi-million-dollar capital campaigns, designing and managing strategic planning projects, and growing board leadership. She is bringing HFC into the next phase of growth to become a leading voice in brain health awareness and care for families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease.



What’s next?

After listening to this episode, what areas in your life are you re-thinking in terms of your own brain health? Share your stories with us at or find us on your favorite social media platform. Have questions about aging you’d like answered? Submit them online. 


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Join HFC’s next event, Head to Head, hosted by Seth Rogen: Streaming Live November 10th.


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