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Ep. 18: Predicting the Future: Changes Ahead for Retirees Today

“When you look at just some of these statistics and trends for the aging population, there are some realities that reinforce even more the need to really think about planning for your future.”

Future Changes for Retirees:

Many retirees have a hard time imagining that things will or can change. A lot of times, they are caught off guard because of their failure to plan ahead.

Join us in today’s fascinating interview with Lisa McCracken, a seasoned lecturer, facilitator, and well-respected researcher for her insight and expertise. Learn more about what’s different today about the choices that older adults have, and what may stand in the way of thinking about a plan. Drawing from her extensive research and years in the industry, Lisa identifies five key trends and talks about them in detail. Tune in and learn the latest about what is happening in the future of senior living.

The Future of Senior Living:

Lisa McCracken is the Director of Senior Living Research and Development at Ziegler – the nation’s leading lender for senior living. Lisa’s primary focus is concentrated on conducting industry research and trend analyses for educative purposes in the form of presentations, newsletters, and research publications. In addition to providing support to the investment banking practice at Ziegler, she also facilitates the Ziegler CFO Hotline℠, an electronic interchange of information among CFOs of senior living providers, and coordinates national and regional educational workshops for senior living professionals.


Ziegler’s website:

What’s next?

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