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Ep. 30: Surprising Scientific Data on Longevity and Health

“Long-term relationships, social networks, and helping others are more likely to enhance your life.”


What if we had an insight into real data – that revealed successful paths to a healthy long life? Join Cathleen as she speaks to Dr. Howard Friedman, a distinguished professor in the Psychology Department at the University of California, Riverside who gives us practical tips and insights on data that reveals successful paths to health while also addressing some of the common myths surrounding longevity.

Show Notes:

Dr. Howard Friedman was the past president of the Western Psychological Association (WPA). He received the James Mckeen Cattell Award from the Association of Psychology Science, a top career award for applied scientific research in psychology for his work on ‘Changing How we Think About the Nature of Health’. Professor Friedman has also received multiple teaching awards, with ‘Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award’ being the most recent.

Longevity Project, co-authored by his former Ph.D. student Dr.Leslie Martin, has won worldwide recognition including 1st place in the “Wellness” category in the books for A Better Life Awards and was one of the ten books on J.P Morgan’s Annual Summer Recommended Reading List and Editors pick by the journal Nature.


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