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Ep.76 – Help for the Family Caregiver: A New Program

“The uniqueness of this program is we provide equal support to the caregiver as well. How are you taking care of yourself?”

Is caregiving reshaping your life in ways you hadn’t imagined? You aren’t alone—many people are going through the same thing every day, and more join that group each day.

In this compelling episode of Seniority Authority, Cathleen Toomey sits down with Lauri Scharf, a seasoned social worker and Master Trainer with the Benjamin Rose Institute’s “We Care Because You Do” program. Lauri delves into the critical and often overlooked aspects of caregiving, shedding light on the immense challenges and pressures that unpaid family caregivers face daily.

Lauri shares valuable insights on the evolving landscape of caregiving, emphasizing the significance of recognizing oneself as a caregiver to access necessary resources and support. She discusses the innovative approaches of the “We Care Because You Do” program, focusing on providing individualized support to caregivers through evidence-based strategies that address both the practical and emotional dimensions of caregiving.

Learn more about the Benjamin Rose Institute’s “We Care Because You Do” program. Contact the caregiver support number at (216) 373-1797, or call Lauri directly at  (216) 282-3170.

What’s Next?

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