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Ep.61- How to Design a Joyful Life

“There’s a lot of value in just having something in your life that is going to challenge you a little bit and push a little bit.”

Unlock the secrets to a meaningful retirement with expert Joe Casey. Learn how to rediscover your passions, experiment with new interests, and create a fulfilling life in your golden years.

Show Notes

Discover the secrets to designing a meaningful and fulfilling retirement with Joe Casey, a podcast host, author, and executive coach specializing in retirement planning. Joe shares his unique approach to helping clients envision and plan their next chapter in life using the Design Your Life process. He emphasizes the importance of exploring one’s values, generating ideas, testing experiences, and maintaining strong social connections.

In this episode, Joe discusses his journey and provides insights on overcoming challenges in retirement, such as boredom and societal expectations. He also shares a technique for rediscovering interests by going back in time, decade by decade. Additionally, Joe talks about the importance of experimentation in retirement, trying several small things instead of focusing on one main thing.

Learn more about Joe Casey’s coaching practice, which offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions, by visiting and checking out his Retirement Wisdom Podcast. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation on how to create a meaningful and satisfying retirement.


What’s Next?

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