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Ep.52-A breakthrough hearing aid solution

“Treating hearing loss is one way to reduce the risk of dementia”

Find out how Shelley Stein of Access HEARS is helping people with hearing loss access better care.

Show Notes

Episode Update: Since this episode was recorded, new FDA regulations have made Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids more accessible and affordable for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. Contact Access HEARS to learn more.

With 2 out of every 3 adults over 70 experiencing hearing loss, it’s something we all need to think about—odds are it will happen to us or someone we know. Unfortunately, up to 23 million adults are left untreated for hearing loss. Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon.

On today’s podcast we talk to Shelley Stein from Access HEARS, a Baltimore-based 501-C3 nonprofit. Access HEARS provides low cost, high quality over the counter listening devices and resources directly to individuals. She discusses how Access Hears provides a hearing device that is easy to use, making better hearing available to more people of different income levels. 


If you or someone you know has experienced hearing loss, get the resources you need to understand how you can stay connected to your hearing and the people you love. Learn more at

What’s Next?

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