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Ep. 21: The Best-Kept Secret in Aging Services

“Our whole goal as care managers is to keep people out of the hospital and out of crisis situations.”


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the difficult challenges associated with aging? Is your responsibility to care for a loved one becoming unmanageable? You are not alone, as it is normal to encounter medical, legal, financial, and psychological complications related to aging that eventually points you in the direction of a geriatric care manager.

In today’s episode, Dr. Jennifer Pilcher takes us through the process of considering care managers to help us navigate through the aging process efficiently and with the most appropriate resources available. She highlights the difference between what a care manager and an individual doctor or nurse do, how care managers partner with a spouse or family to help, and how you can set up a care manager for success.

Show Notes:

In 2018, Dr. Pilcher founded Clear Guidance in order to return to her passion of working directly with clients and their families. Dr. Pilcher presently serves as President of the New England Association of Aging Life Care and is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Aging Life Care.

Dr. Pilcher has career-long experience working with people with dementia and their families. Prior to founding, Clear Guidance, she was affiliated with Hearthstone Alzheimer Care Assisted Living where she held a number of management positions; AZA Care Management as a Care Manager/Director of Operations; Overlook CARE as Clinical Director and Executive Director of Care Management and Home Care.



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