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Bonus Ep. 3: When Your Parent Needs Help, A Physician’s Guide

“This is an opportunity for you to learn more about your parent…ultimately this is the most beautiful thing any of us do in life, is to connect with other people and go through an experience together.”

Helping Your Aging Parent:

Are you struggling with your aging parent or taking care of an older loved one? Aging can be overwhelming, but you and your loved ones don’t have to stop living life to the fullest, just because getting older throws you a curveball or presents challenges. If you have the right guidance, direction, navigation, and sound advice from the get-go, you, your family, and your loved ones don’t have to suffer.

In today’s episode, Cathleen speaks with Dr. Leslie Kernisan who has written a book that will help you overcome the most common obstacles and address what’s most important for your parent’s health and well-being. Dr. Kernisan talks about some of the challenges adult children face when trying to help their aged loved ones and their workarounds, and how to put the power of smart choices in the hands of adult children.

A Geriatrician’s Perspective on Your Aging Parent:

Dr. Leslie Kernisan is a practicing geriatrician and the founder of the website and podcast Better Health While Aging. She has literally written the book we all need – When Your Aging Parent Needs Help, A geriatrician’s step-by-step guide to memory loss, resistance, safety worries and more.  A clinical instructor at the University of California, San Francisco Division of Geriatrics, Dr. Leslie also offers online courses for adult children, in addition to the website and podcast.

What next?

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