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Ep. 2: The Fountain of Youth That’s Outside Our Door, with Martin Pazzani

 “You can take charge of the way you age and you can actually change the curve of your aging through fitness.”

Improving Your Fitness:

Martin Pazzani, former gym executive, world-class mountaineer, and author of The Secrets of Aging Well, explains why the gym industry has failed us. Instead, he advocates a simple way to start getting fit that doesn’t require equipment, personal trainers, or technology. You can start today to improve not only your fitness but your heart health, lung capacity, and attitude.

Fitness as Preventative Medicine:

Longevity, according to Martin Pazzani, has been increased by pharmaceuticals and surgery, not by the quality of life and mind. The alternative to increasing your life span is using fitness as preventative medicine —fitness can prolong the cognitive and physical decline of your body. He proposes that the simple activity of getting outside and walking can have an immense effect on mood and physiology. In this episode, Pazzani explains how the fitness industry has failed us, offers a better alternative, and explains the powerful impact of JOBO – the Joy of Being Outside.


What’s Next?

Have you discovered JOMO (the Joy of Being Outside)? Share your stories with us at or find us on your favorite social media platform. Have a question about aging you’d like answered? Submit them online.

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