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Ep. 1: Keys to a Long and Happy Life: Lessons from Harvard’s 80-Year Study with Dr. Robert Waldinger

“People who live the longest and were the happiest as they grew older were the people who were more connected to others socially and who had warmer relationships with other people.”

The Secret to a Better Life:

Want to know the secret to a long and happy life? In our inaugural episode, Dr. Robert Waldinger joins the podcast— Harvard psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. He discusses the secret to living better, the importance of connection, and one trick for improving your health.

Living a Long and Happy Life:

Dr. Robert Waldinger, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, currently serves as the director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. The longest of its kind, this longitudinal study has been following two groups over the last 75 years to identify the psychosocial predictors of healthy aging. The surprising result of this research revealed one important lesson about what really makes for a happy and healthy life — and it’s not what you’d expect.


What’s Next?

What relationships have sustained you over the last year? Share your stories with us at or find us on your favorite social media platform. Have a question about aging you’d like answered? Submit them online.

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