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Ep. 14: Not Your Parents’ Retirement: What’s Different About Aging Today?

“The biggest liability people have for their health, safety, and finances is their house.”

Redefining Successful Aging:

From the creation of the Social Security Act of the 1930s to the impact of modern medicine, today’s retirees have a vastly different experience than any prior generation. Over the last few decades, there has been a true revolution on how our attitudes and experiences of aging have changed. Armed with over 30 years of experience in the aging industry, John Spooner, the co-CEO of Greystone seeks to redefine successful aging. 

Different Aging Experiences:

Mr. Spooner joined Greystone in 1986 and now serves as co-CEO. His responsibilities include managing and driving annual business performance, formulating and executing strategies for clients, and interacting with clients, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. Mr. Spooner is a sought-after speaker on a range of topics involving the business of senior living. Mr. Spooner received a B.A. in Public Administration/Economics from Drake University, an Advanced Fellowship in Economics from the University of London, and completed graduate work in Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh.

In today’s episode, John chats with Cathleen about how today’s aging experiences are vastly different from prior generations, the different stages of living, and the evolution of how we are living longer, more purposeful lives. 


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What’s Next?

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