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Ep. 13: Jeremy Dabor: The 20-Something Who’s Revolutionizing Retirement

“Most people spend longer planning a two-week vacation than they do for their entire retirement.”

Revolutionizing Retirement:

How many college sophomores drop out of school to live in a nursing home for a year? All because they are seeking to understand how to better solve the real challenges of aging? Jeremy Dabor did exactly that! By the age of 23, he had dropped out of school, created a product — called Sensassure — based on what he saw the need was; built and then sold the company. By 23.  Now, he has gone back to the drawing board to tackle the next challenge for older adults.

Changing the Narrative on Retirement:

Jeremy grew up in a small town in Ontario and went to school in Montreal, Quebec at McGill University. He initially thought he’d become a doctor only to decide two years into college that he didn’t want to spend 10 more years in school. So, he dropped out and decided he’d help older adults. He and his friends spent a year living in a nursing home, and the result of their year was a product called Sensassure, which Jeremy piloted, perfected, and marketed. He sold that company and has started a new journey with his next venture, called Bloom — an online community of adults 50+ who are looking to redefine their new phase of life.

In today’s episode, Jeremy chats with Cathleen about his passion for solving the real life problems of older adults.  He discusses how his year with nursing home residents inspired the creation of Sensassure, and, once that company was sold, his new inspiration. Jeremy’s new company is called Bloom, which started as a meetup group focused on connecting like-minded 50+ adults. Bloom is now on a mission to change the aging narrative and redefine retirement. After all, why retire, when you can Bloom?


Bloom’s website:

What’s Next?

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