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Ep. 9: How to Talk with Your Parents (or Kids) about Aging – Tips from a Mayo Clinic Expert

“It all begins with the realization that our parents are aging. They are not invincible. They’re not immortal, they’re aging. And we have issues to face.”

How to Talk About Aging:

How do you start the conversation with your parents? The answers may surprise you. Dick Edwards, author of Mom, Dad, Can We Talk? Helping our Aging Parents with the Insight and Wisdom of Others, and an award-winning administrator of Mayo Clinic’s Charter House, distills his years of working with adults and children to provide valuable tips on how to have that most challenging conversation with your parents.

Do’s and Don’ts When Discussing Aging:

Discussing your parent’s wishes can be a difficult process, but Dick Edwards is here to help. Dick has spent 36 years in the eldercare field and is currently an administrator of the award-winning Charterhouse, run by Mayo Clinic. Edwards is the author of the book Mom, Dad, Can We Talk? A guide on how to have more loving and productive conversations around the changing age of parents. He joins the podcast today to discuss his best tips and methods to avoid.


What’s Next?

How do you plan on talking to your parents about their plans? Share your stories with us at or find us on your favorite social media platform. Have questions about aging you’d like use to answer? Submit them online.

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