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Ep.56- Stupid things I won’t do when I’m old

“I won’t dye my hair, even if it worked for Diane Sawyer.”

Discover how to stay in the present moment, how to plan ahead for care, and how to find joy in challenging times with award-winning author Steven Petrow.

Show Notes

Are you worried about growing old? Are you afraid of making the same mistakes as your parents? What can you do to ensure that you age gracefully and with dignity? Steven Petrow has had these questions—and answered them. 

Steven is an award-winning journalist and author of the book “Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old.” Steven has used his experience from observing his parents’ mistakes to help the boomer generation do things differently. He has also defined the term “civilist” – someone who looks beyond themselves to think about their community, state, country, and planet. Steven has opened many conversations about aging with his book, which has been successful in helping people have these conversations. He also encourages people to embrace technology and have intergenerational friendships, as well as to not take themselves too seriously and to embrace humor. Steven is passionate about helping people live smarter, healthier and happier as they age.

In this episode, we get into Steven’s definition of a “civilist, why emphasizes the importance of embracing technology and having intergenerational friendships, and shares that a positive attitude towards aging can add seven and a half years of longevity. 

What’s Next?

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