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Ep. 41: Life by Choice, Not Chance; How to Live in Alignment with Your Values

“What outcomes are you really after, and what do you believe about obtaining those outcomes.”


What happens after you have achieved your life goals, and don’t know how to move forward? How do you seek your next purpose that gives new meaning to your life? Join Cathleen today as she speaks to Chris Yonker, the Founder and CEO of the Center for Conscious Living and Fulfillment, which offers a Three-Step Compass Process to help people achieve absolute clarity when making critical future decisions about their life, and living in alignment with their values.

Show notes:

Chris previously worked for 3M for over twenty-five years, leading sales teams and driving change. On top of that, he has ten years of experience in the consulting arena specializing in Conscious Leadership. He has since leveraged his hands-on business experience, holistic perspective, and extensive coaching training with high-achieving leaders and family businesses to drive self-discovery, resulting in higher levels of consciousness and, ultimately, peace.

Chris studies mediation, religion, philosophy, and martial arts in his free time and became a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and was mentored by Wyatt Woodsmall (Tony Robbins’ original trainer). By building a business that worked for him, Chris has been able to create amazing experiences with his family, and has helped others do the same by living in alignment with their values.


What’s next?

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