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Ep. 40: From Paycheck to Purpose: The Path to a Meaningful Next Chapter

“Having a purpose in your life and figuring out what it is you want to accomplish is so important.”


Planning for retirement is a conversation that could include anything from 401ks, the stock market, even NFTs (if you can get around to learning about them!). It can also be associated with a lot of anxiety or worry—some of which can certainly come from not understanding what you’re looking at when it comes to retirement and finances. Even more so when the sale of your business is complicating the process. Luckily, Jim Fitts is just the man you need to talk to. On today’s episode, we talk about wealth planning, how retirement might look different if you were a business owner, and the valuable “T-Minus 5” rule.

Show notes:

James A. Fitts is a  CFP®, and Principal and Senior Family Wealth Advisor for The Colony Group. He is an experienced financial advisor who consults families on inter-generational gifting strategies, family wealth education, governance, and philanthropy.   He’s the author of the book “Your Next Adventure: Planning for Life After the Sale of Your Business”, which helps detail the next steps one can take after they move past the chapter of their life owning a business.

With over 40 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Jim has provided planning to individuals since 1996 and was awarded the Certified Financial Planner (CFPTM) designation in 1999.


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