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Ep. 26: Finding Community, Purpose, and Peace of Mind

“You’re not putting the burden of decision-making on your children or your spouse – you’re not waiting for a crisis.”


What do most older adults want? Community, purpose, and peace of mind.  What if I told you there was an option that provides all of that, and the security of health care if and when you need it – at a fraction of the market rate.  Would you be interested in learning more?

In today’s episode, Cathleen speaks to Justine Vogel, the CEO of the RiverWoods Group. An accountant by training, Justine has spent more than 20 years at RiverWoods, creating a family of communities. She is the visionary and powerhouse guiding the RiverWoods Group into the future. Her goal is to bring the RiverWoods way of life to the growing number of seniors.

Show Notes:

Justine began working at RiverWoods as part of the pre-opening team in June 1994. Her tenure at RiverWoods began as the Director of Accounting, with growth into the role of CFO in 1997, COO in 2005 and President/CEO in 2007. She became CEO of the RiverWoods Group in 2012.

Justine is a certified public accountant in the state of New Jersey and formerly served as Trustee and Treasurer of the Board of Directors for Leading Age of Maine and New Hampshire. Justine has lectured at the University of New Hampshire and is a frequent speaker at local, regional, and national industry conferences on topics including strategic management, growth planning, culture development, and financial oversight.


What’s Next?

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Cathleen Toomey

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