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Ep. 25: Stories that Shape Us

“We need to see each other’s humanity. If you see someone else as being your equal, that helps us to ease some of the hardships and the pain we’re seeing right now.”


Aging can be confusing and isolating. It can also be hard to talk about, especially if you are a part of the Baby Boomer Generation. In this episode, Cathleen speaks to Jo Ann Allen, a veteran public radio anchor and the host of the “Been There Done That” podcast. Jo Ann loves to talk about aging and has provided a platform that encourages people over 60 to convey the unique experiences that shaped who they are. She shares her thoughts on aging and talks about the power of telling your story out loud to people, what prompted her to start her podcast, how the show has impacted the older generation, and so much more.

Show Notes:

Jo Ann Allen has extensive on-air experience as a radio journalist, having started her career at Wisconsin Public Radio in Madison. She spent 24 years at various news organizations in New York City including 18 years at WNYC/New York Public Radio.

After New York, Jo Ann moved to San Diego for 5 years and worked mainly at KPBS Radio. From San Diego, she  moved to Philadelphia and spent 4 years at WHYY Radio. In addition, Jo Ann taught radio journalism for 7 years as an adjunct professor at Long Island University in Brooklyn, where she was on the committee that decides the recipients of the George Polk Awards for Investigative Journalism. She is currently an anchor, reporter, and mentor at Colorado Public Radio in Denver.


Jo Ann’s podcast: Been There Done That

Jo Ann’s LinkedIn: Jo Ann Allen

What’s Next?

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