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Ep. 17: Skydiving and Sassy Women: Empowering Women 50+

“I always say, don’t put me in a box. Because if you do, it better have a door on it, because I’m not staying in there. I’ll break it down.”


If you think aging is boring, then you haven’t met Jean Ketcham, the founder of the wonderful, wry, and exciting website, Aging But Dangerous. At 81, Jean is enjoying life, has excellent advice, and is having fun with her role as a healthy observer of culture and life. From skydiving to retreats and fashion shows, she continues to create opportunities for women to empower each other. If you want to be inspired to take action and do things that defy, and redefine, your numerical age, you do not want to miss this episode!

Show Notes:

Jean Ketcham is a former small business owner and talk show host. She is also a proud parent, avid skydiver, cancer survivor, and advocate for empowering women. To put it mildly, Jean is up to any challenge. After retiring, Jean discovered that 55+ women were not living up to their true potential. Their social circles were shrinking and their lifestyles were becoming less stimulating and less adventurous. That’s how Aging But Dangerous® was born 12 years ago. Today, Jean is 81 years old, has over 130,000 followers on social media, and she’s convinced that aging can be so exciting and fun.

What next?

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