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Ep. 4: My Dad’s Journey with Alzheimer’s, a Conversation with Glen Campbell’s Daughter, Ashley

“Try to enjoy who they are each day with the disease…Love them for what they still are, as opposed to, you know, what you wish they still were.”

Navigating Alzheimer’s:

Living with Alzheimer’s is difficult for the individual and family alike but today’s guest, Ashley Campbell was able to connect with her father, Glen Campbell through the passion they shared in music. Now a professional recording artist and Alzheimer’s Advocate, Ashley chats with Cathleen about touring with her superstar father, her own music career, and the best ways to help a parent navigate Alzheimer’s.

Ashley’s Journey Helping Her Father with Alzheimer’s:

Ashley Campbell has recorded two records, The Lonely One (2018) and Something Lovely (2020). She is the daughter of Glen Campbell, popular American entertainer, who passed away in 2017. Ashley accompanied her father on his last tour playing banjo and was able to help him navigate his final years as he struggled. We listen as Ashley shares Remembering, a song written about her father and featured in the documentary that followed Glen Campbell’s goodbye tour.


What’s Next?

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