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Seniority Authority Now on New Hampshire PBS


If you’re a fan of public television, you may have spotted Cathleen Toomey on New Hampshire PBS. Seniority Authority and NH PBS have partnered to help a larger audience get smarter about growing older.

The podcast caught the attention of Dawn DeAngelis, Vice President and Chief Content Officer at NH PBS, and she approached Toomey with the idea of partnering with video content.

“This content is exactly what our viewers are interested in, and we are thrilled to bring this valuable information to the NH PBS audience.”

Cathleen has, and will continue to be featured, in eleven short segments between regular television programming throughout the day to discuss common dilemmas, questions, and topics related to aging. These short segments, or “interstitials,” air on NH PBS twice per month, from January through May.

The first three episodes can be found on the Seniority Authority page of the NH PBS website.

Episode One: Want to live a longer, happier life? Dr. Robert Waldinger, Harvard psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and director of Harvard’s 80-year Study of Adult Development found the one thing that can lead to a happier and healthier life. The answer may be easier than you think!

Episode Two: Who’s in control of your life – you, or your stuff? Downsizing can be daunting, but three simple steps created by professional move manager Kate Grondin can help ease the process. Start downsizing today and gain control of your life.

Episode Three: Growing older can bring tremendous challenges, but staying positive and choosing happiness shouldn’t be one of them. New York Times reporter John Leland found that every older adult he interviewed defined happiness differently, but all were able to find purpose and value during this stage of their lives. Lean more on why happiness doesn’t arrive – it’s a choice you make.

Learn more about our partnership with NH PBS.

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