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Ep. 50-Kick off the new year with gratitude

“To acknowledge that we all need help is a beautiful thing.”

Nancy Davis Kho shares the science behind positive recall bias, and how writing gratitude letters can lead to forgiveness and help us take responsibility for our actions.

Show Notes

On this episode of Seniority Authority, Nancy Davis Kho talks about her book, “The Thank You Project: Cultivating Happiness One Letter of Gratitude at a Time”, which she wrote to encourage people to write thank you letters to those who have impacted their lives. She discusses how writing gratitude letters can help cultivate happiness and strengthen our positive recall bias. She also explains how writing letters can help us take responsibility for our actions and lead to forgiveness. Nancy also shares stories about the impact of writing thank you letters, such as a woman who wrote 100 letters in 100 days and her friend who wrote 50 letters for her 50th birthday. 

Nancy also talks about how writing these letters made her feel calmer, more centered, and relaxed, and how it changed her attitude towards life. Lastly, Nancy talks about refraining from posting photos on social media when it is not her news to share, her guilty pleasure, her favorite healthy practice, her favorite source of laughter, the last book she loved, and her favorite escape. 

What’s Next?

What are your views, comments or questions on gratitude, and specifically thank you letters?  Share them with us at!


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