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Ep. 12: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Retirement with Kathy Anderson

Finding Meand And Purpose In Retirement

“What we do and the titles we are given and the roles we are given, they are not our own skin… I think there is this really discomforting, unsettling, energizing, exciting, and life changing role in this time of retirement. The next phase is figuring out what our own skin looks like.”

Finding Meaning in Retirement:

Have you found purpose in your work, raising your children, or growing an organization? Then where do you find meaning and purpose in retirement? Today’s generation of retirees is living longer than any generation prior, yet there’s no guide to find fulfillment. In this episode, I chat with Kathy Anderson who shares how to find purpose and meaning in retirement. 

Advocating For Older Adults:

Kathy Anderson is an innovating leader that has served as CEO for two large multi-state nonprofits that cater to older adults. She now stays active coaching and mentoring brand new CEOs across the country. Kathy is a passionate advocate for older adults and those who serve them.


What’s Next?

How will you find meaning and purpose in your next chapter? Share your questions with us at or find us on your favorite social media platform. Have questions about retirement you’d like answered? Submit them online.


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