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Ep.70 – Unmasking the Unique Challenges of Older Non-White Americans

“We live in unequal societies and as a result, the genetics and genomics are landing in unequal ways in our society”

Join Dr. Lauren Brown as she sheds light on the unique health challenges faced by aging Black Americans. Discover the impact of genetic data disparities, ‘race norming,’ and more in this thought-provoking exploration of health advocacy.

Show Notes

In this compelling episode, we delve into the distinct health challenges black Americans face as they age. We’re joined by Dr. Lauren Brown, an assistant professor and gerontologist at San Diego State University School of Public Health. 

Dr. Brown discusses her groundbreaking research on this critical issue. Discover the shocking underrepresentation of non-European people in genetic databases and learn about the implications of ‘data capitalism’. You’ll want to stick around to learn about the historical and damaging practice of ‘race norming’, highlighting its persistent influence on access to health services and benefits. Further, the conversation explores ‘accelerated aging’, a concept that underscores how social determinants of health markedly impact the aging experiences of non-white older adults.

As we delve into the realms of race norming, genetic testing, and more, Dr. Brown provides insights on some of the unique challenges that non-white adults face.

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