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Ep.69 – A Grief Guru’s Guide to Death

“A grieving person is making 3,001 decisions, so take one decision way and just help.”

Join us on a profound journey with Taya Dunn Johnson as she navigates the often uncomfortable conversations around death, bereavement, and the importance of being prepared. Informed by her personal experience and academic work in thanatology—the study of grief—Johnson shares invaluable insights that could transform the way we approach life’s inevitable end.

Show Notes:

Engaging in open conversations around death can be unsettling, but it is a reality that we must all confront. In this enlightening episode, Taya Dunn Johnson, a writer, speaker, mother, and recent master’s degree graduate in thanatology from Marian University, sheds light on this often avoided subject. Johnson’s insights, deeply rooted in her personal experience of losing her young husband to a sudden heart attack, challenge societal discomfort around death and stress the importance of preparation for our inevitable end.

Johnson debunks the myth that discussing death invites it sooner, and stresses that planning for death is an act of love that can ease the emotional burden for our loved ones during a painful time. She also highlights the importance of preparing for the “business of death,”( including discussions around wills, passwords, and final wishes), and advocates for culturally appropriate grief support, with a particular focus on the African American experience.

This impactful and thought-provoking conversation that could reshape your perspectives on life, death, and everything in between.


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