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Ep.67 – Depression, Dementia and Delirium in Older Adults – How to Tell the Difference

“Exercise has been shown to be just as good as medicine at treating depression.”

Delve into the often-misunderstood world of dementia, delirium, and depression in older adults with psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Slocum. Learn how to identify these conditions, their treatments, and the importance of staying active and engaged for mental health.

Show Notes

In this enlightening episode, we’re joined by psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Slocum to discuss the confusion between dementia, delirium, and depression in older adults. Dr. Slocum shares her journey into the field of psychiatry and her interest in geriatric patients.

We explore the overlapping symptoms of delirium, dementia, and depression, and the importance of identifying the correct condition for proper treatment and intervention. Dr. Slocum emphasizes the seriousness of delirium, which is the most common issue faced by older adults in medical settings, and its significant impact on their health and recovery.

In the second half of the episode, Dr. Slocum shares advice on lifestyle changes and habits that can help prevent delirium, such as exercise, managing chronic conditions, and engaging in a passion or hobby that brings joy. Stick with us to uncover the mysteries of dementia, delirium, and depression in older adults with Dr. Sarah Slocum.

What’s Next?

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