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Ep. 6: No One Wants Your Hummels – Take Charge of Your Life by Tossing Your Stuff

“We see it all the time…people are owned by their things. They don’t own their things.”

Erasing the Fear of Downsizing:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of your possessions? Are your closets overflowing; your cupboards fit to burst? Or, are you looking to move — but the very idea sends a shiver up your spine when you think about having to pack all that stuff? Perhaps a smaller home and less maintenance is alluring, but you don’t know how your belongings will fit? Kate Grondin, a professional move manager, shares expert advice on how to cut through that clutter, overcoming common obstacles to downsizing, and some insider tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Perfecting the Art of Downsizing:

Kate Grondin is an experienced professional move manager and started her own transition management company, Home Transition Resources, in 2008. The company has since been acquired by WayForth, the largest full-service provider of total home transition solutions. In her current role, Kate serves as Vice President of New Business Development. Kate has helped hundreds of families and multiple generations to downsize with grace, calm, and ease. In this episode she joins the podcast to discuss some of the challenges of downsizing and offers insight into making the process easier.


What’s Next?

Tune in to this week’s episode and if you feel inspired – start with that junk drawer today.  Share your success – send your before and after pics to Do you have questions about downsizing that you’d like answered? Submit them online

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